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Goat cheese & beetroot

Beetroot tartare, pickled beetroot, whipped soft goat cheese, hazelnuts

CZK 195

Prague ham

Thin slices of Prague ham, foam from Olomouc curd cheese, apple gel with horseradish

CZK 195

Tartar 100g

Beef tartare, yolk cream, toasted bread , garlic

CZK 235


Variations of cheeses from the Krasolesí farm, onion marmalade, salad, honey nuts

CZK 215


Mix grilled sausages, mustard

CZK 185


Fried croquettes from shredded beef neck, cucumber, bacon and onion marmalade, mustard mayonnaise

CZK 215



Creamy dill soup with mushrooms and egg 63 ° C

CZK 135

Smoked garlic soup

Garlic soup from smoked pork ribs, bread croutons

CZK 115

Traditional Czech Dishes


Slice of beef, traditional „Svíčková“ creamy sauce, dumplings, cranberries

CZK 315

Beef goulash

Traditional beef goulash , bacon dumpling, onion

CZK 295

Beef shin

Confit beef shin, baked onion sauce, rosemary potatoes, glazed vegetables

CZK 365

Rump steak

Beef rump steak, green pepper sauce, home fries, tatar sauce

CZK 485

Knee on beer

Boneless pork knee with Kozel black beer sauce, potato gnocchi in gingerbread, apple horseradish

CZK 375


Pork ribs baked in spicy marinade, pickled vegetables , garlic dip

CZK 325

Confit duck leg

Confit duck leg, red cabbage with apples, potato dumpling with bun, fried onion

CZK 375

Duck breast

Grilled duck breast, beetroot, cherries, pickled red cabbage, sauce with cocoa beans

CZK 395


Fried chicken schnitzel in panko breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes, pickles, lemon

CZK 285

Vegetarian food


Ravioli filled with goat cheese, pumpkin sauce, pumpkin jam, pickled pumpkin, seeds

CZK 255

Dill sauce

Dill creamy sauce, roasted Grenaille potatoes, roasted beetroot, egg 63°C

CZK 235


Salad chicken

Leaf salad, chicken breast, green apple, cucumber, beans, chia crackers, honey apple dressing

CZK 245

Salad goat cheese

Leaf salad, goat cheese in filo dough, pumpkin, beetroot, honey nuts, cranberries dressing

CZK 245

Mixed salad

Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, citrus dressing

CZK 95

For kids

Little chicken steak

Chicken natural fillet with mashed potatoes

CZK 125

Baby Svíčková

Slice of beef meat, traditional „Svíčková“ creamy sauce, dumplings

CZK 135



Sweet pastry, apple chutney, raisins, creme friache, cookie crumble, cinnamon ice cream

CZK 165

Míša řez

Traditional MÍŠA ŘEZ, chocolate ice cream, crumble

CZK 165

Panna Cotta

Buttermilk milk panna cotta, plums, mulled wine gel, honey wallnuts crumble

CZK 155


Egg yolk pastry, raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, lemon meringue

CZK 165

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